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Latest Newsletter and Appeal: COVID-19 in Kenya


The community we support in Kenya has been hit hard by the strict lock-down regulations there. Families do not have access to food outside their small community and many are struggling to survive.

But Zest For Life has a plan and with your help, we can help to ease their dire situation.

From the information we have (at 20 May 2020) :

All schools in Kenya are closed. Teachers have been sent home without pay. For new teachers – our recent graduates – this puts them in extreme hardship. Our teacher training scheme is aimed at single mothers who rely on the small income the qualification gives them to feed their children.

Students at home are reliant on their families with scarce resources once again feeding extra mouths. 

Our families are in lock down and do not have access to food outside of their small community. Many are struggling to survive.

In mid-May, the women's groups we work with got in touch to ask if we could help to ease the situation with regard to food. By working with a local supplier and relying on the help of one of our former students in May we managed to deliver  2 sacks of maize and 4 packs of omena (small fish used to supplement the diet) to each group. It's only a small part of what is needed but they are very grateful for any support. These supplies have given much needed food to 59 families, vulnerable orphans and elderly and/or disabled community members. In early June we successfully made a second delivery - more details on our Latest Newsletter

We would like to be able to do another run at the beginning of July. Each sack of maize costs £40. If you can help, please Contact Us or make a donation via our website.

A little help goes a long way

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